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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Challenges in 2018

Host Challenge Name URL Prize Deadline
Visual Geometry Group Visual Domain Decathlon Challenge
Driven Data Concept to Clinic 100000 Early 2018
Driven Data Predicting Poverty 15000 28 Februari 2018
Kaggle Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge 100000
Kaggle Toxic Comment Classification Challenge 35000 20 Februari 2018
Kaggle Nomad2018 Predicting Transparent Conductors EUR 5000
Kaggle Statoil/C-CORE Iceberg Classifier Challenge 50000 23 Januari 2018
Kaggle TensorFlow Speech Recognition Challenge 25000 16 Januari 2018
Crowd AI WWW 2018 Challenge: Learning to Recognize Musical Genre
Crowd AI AI-generated music challenge
Crowdanalytix Business Analytics for Beginners Using R - Part I
Innocentive Machine Tagging Challenge
Innocentive PET Imaging Probes for Visualization and Quantification of Oligonucleotide Exposure
Topcoder Computer Vision - Duplicated Receipts Detector - Improvement of The Initial PoC
Topcoder Road Detector
Hackerrank Correlation and Regression Lines - A Quick Recap #1
DataScience Power Consumption Forecasts
Analytics Vidhya Data Science Interview Preparation Test
Quora Quora Challenges
Coda Lab LiTS - Liver Tumor Segmentation Challenge
Microsoft et al MS COCO
Kaggle & IEEE IEEE Signal Processing Cup
Kaggle & Google Google Landmark Retrieval Challenge
Kaggle & Google Google Landmark Recognition Challenge
Kaggle Humpback Whale Identification Challenge
Kaggle Digit Recognizer
Crowd AI AI-generated music challenge
Crowd AI Mapping Challenge
RTE Winter electricity demand forecast - a deterministic approach [Part 1]
RTE Winter electricity demand forecast - a probabilistic approach [Part 2]
Coda Lab Shallow Globe
Coda Lab AutoML2018 challenge PAKDD2018
 Driven Data Power Laws: Forecasting Energy Consumption
 Driven Data  Power Laws: Detecting Anomalies in Usage
 Driven Data Power Laws: Optimizing Demand-side Strategies
 Kaggle Dog Breed Identification
Robust Vision Challlenge
KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite

Clickbait Challenge

Coda Lab Example-based Single-Image Super-Resolution Challenge
Hackerearth various challenges
Challenge Data
Crowdanalytix Identifying Superheroes from Product Images
Kaggle iMaterialist Challenge (Furniture) at FGVC5
Kaggle TalkingData AdTracking Fraud Detection Challenge
Kaggle Application Screening
Kaggle Plant Seedlings Classification
Kaggle iNaturalist Challenge at FGVC5
CrowdAI / EPFL AI-generated music challenge
CrowdAI Mapping Challenge
CrowdAI - CLEF LifeCLEF 2018 Expert
CrowdAI / CLEF LifeCLEF 2018 Geo - Location Based Species Recommendation
CrowdAI / CLEF ImageCLEF 2018 Tuberculosis - Severity scoring
Alibaba Cloud & Met Office
Future Challenge
Helping Balloons Navigate the Weather
ICPR2018 ICPR MTWI 2018 CHALLENGE 3: End to End Text Detection and Recognition of Web Images
ICPR2018 ICPR MTWI 2018 CHALLENGE 2: Text Detection of Web Images
ICPR2018 ICPR MTWI 2018 CHALLENGE 1: Text Recognition of Web Images
Alibaba FashionAI Global Challenge 2018—Attributes Recognition of Apparel
CAINIAO CAINIAO MSOM data-driven research competition
Tianchi Sina Weibo Interaction-prediction-Challenge the Baseline
IJCAI-18 IJCAI-18 Alimama Sponsored Search Conversion Rate(CVR) Prediction Contest
Tian Chi FashionAI Global Challenge—Key Points Detection of Apparel
Tianchi Clothes Matching Challenge
 on the Baseline
DCASE Acoustic scene classification
DCASE General Purpose audio tagging of Freesound content with AudioSet labels   and
DCASE Bird audio detection
DCASE Large-scale weakly labeled semi-supervised sound event detection in domestic environments
DCASE Monitoring of domestic activities on multi-channel acoustics
Agorize Smart City Innovation Award
Open AI Open AI Retro Contest
IEEE Rebooting Computing Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge (LPIRC 2018)
VIST-NAACL-2018 Visual Storytelling Challenge (NAACL 2018)
Automatic Visual Advertisements VQA - CVPR2018 Automatic Understanding of Visual Advertisements
z VQA Challenge 2018
z Leaf Segmentation Challenge
z DeepGlobe Land Cover Classification Challenge
z Chalearn LAP Inpainting Competition Track 2 - Video decaptioning
z Chalearn LAP Inpainting Competition Track 3 - Fingerprint Denoising and Inpainting
z Chalearn LAP Inpainting Competition Track 1 - Inpainting of still images
Kaggle / Google Open Images Challenge 2018
Principal Financial Group IEEE Investment Ranking Challenge
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Stanford ML Group
Bone X-Ray Deep Learning Competition t y
WAD 2018 Challenges t y
Deep Learning Beginner Challenge

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Alibaba Global Scheduling Algorithm Competition t y
IEEE ICDM 2018 Global A.I. Challenge on MeteorologyCatch Rain If You Can t y

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